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In the House of Krk's prosciutto guests will be able to see a live production of these gastronomic delights, learn about the method of production and specifics of Krk's prosciutto, taste and of course buy the products exactly where they're produced.

Manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technological solutions, but also whenever possible, we are using natural system of drying with strong mediterian wind - "bura" . Organized tours with our partners in the tourism industry have just started, and will be organized in such a way that visitors, due to strict hygiene rules will not go into the technological part of the building but they will be able see manufacturing process through the glass walls and floors.

With construction and equipping of a modern manufacturing facility, we have created the conditions that will allow us to eventually increase quantities of Krk's prosciutto to fivefold - delicacy that not so long ago, but thanks to my initiative and the relevant city and county institutions received a certificate to protect its geographic origin. The project, which has been developed for the past five years now has finally come to its realization and opening of a manufacturing plant, as well as the tasting room and ancillary catering facilities located in House of Krk's prosciutto, creating conditions for more attractive and better ways of presenting the prosciutto, but also presenting all stages of its production.

Krk's prosciutto producer in it's all-praised product has created an interesting blend of two "prosciutto's school". While the Dalmatian prosciutto is generally treated with skin and smoked, and the Istrian is dried and processed without skin, Krk's prosciutto is combination of these two different ways. What makes it special, unlike Dalmatians prosciutto isn't smoked, but must be dried, and the fact that, unlike Istrans, is cultivated in skin, says Žužić. Vjekoslav Žužić, as butcher, is official manufacturer of prosciutto, and as such continues to run a successesful business and promote quality of Krk's prosciutto.

History :
The traditional way of producing Krk's prosciutto is mentioned at the beginning of the twentieth century, in local educational and economic newspaper "Pučki prijatelj", and the old recipe for pork ham processing was also found in one of the notebooks with recipes that was preserved by monks .

In case of "Mesnice market Žužić", the recipe was a family heirloom . In the final registration has helped by a testament, which recorded by Franciscans in a monastery on small island Košljun . It was reported that the family Žužić from a small town Vrh, near the town of Krk have brought by one prosciutto every year when the pigs on the family farm didn't get sick.

The testimony of the guardian of the Franciscan Monastery of Annunciation Košljun (Punat) fra Klement Sršen , Košljun , 16 June, 2010. :

From the sayings of the Franciscan monks I know that Mr. Stjepan Žužić (grandfather of Vjekoslav Žužić - owner of "Mesnice market Žužić") from the early '20s to the late '70s of the last century regularly, once a year, was bringing in our monastery one prosciutto .

In the early '20s of the last century, Mr. Žužić's pigs were often dying from unknown disease, so he have vowed to honor the saint Anton that if the disease stop, each year while he's breeding the pigs, he will bring one prosciutto to the Franciscan monastery on Košljun.

During the '60s, Mr. Žužić was visiting the monastery accompanied with his grandson, also Stjepan Žužić, who became a Franciscan monk who now lives in the monastery.

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